What do I do?

I find that it is just really hard to find that thing. That sport that just clicks. Obviously I still do my kickboxing and I won’t stop doing that but i would love to do a team sport because I think it really motivates you. One of my friends is amazing at netball and she … More What do I do?

Getting Started!

Having a blog has been a dream of mine for a long time and finally, I have begun. The ‘begun’ in that sentence looks so weird. Is it spelt wrong? Is it just me that thinks that? Looking now at this blog i don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t read this blog, however i … More Getting Started!


I will be doing some anonymous advice! If you have any problems don’t be afraid to ask because I will help to solve your situation without anyone knowing it’s you! So this is an example of some hopefully good advice that I can help you with. Remember ┬ádon’t let a problem bother you, speak up … More Advice