What do I do?

I find that it is just really hard to find that thing. That sport that just clicks. Obviously I still do my kickboxing and I won’t stop doing that but i would love to do a team sport because I think it really motivates you. One of my friends is amazing at netball and she has her own team an enjoys every minute of it and this really encourages me to join one myself. For example another one of my friends is amazing at swimming and that she trains practically every day of the week and that has really made me want to have something that I just never stop with and will always try my best to do it. I have tried my fair share of sports from football to gymnastics but I have never hit that one sport that I just went, yes, this is my sport and every single time I have it I want to be there, I want to go and I love the sport. In some cases it doesn’t even have to be a sport, I have a friend who is amazing at art and she loves to do that whenever she wants to and he really excels in her area.

Right so that is it guys.


So I think we all know whats coming….. (embarrassing story)

As I have said previously I used to do gymnastics. When I started this group I wasn’t able do do a lot of gymnastics. One day I was running up to the trampette and I was attempting to do a tuck front (somersault) but I must have got scared and stumbled when I went fro the jump because I wasn’t ready. I leaped onto to the trampette went flying up but didn’t tuck or go forwards. I just soured through the air with my stomach down. Slow motion over now I went crashing down to the floor, belly flopped and smashed my face.

The worst part was, the coach was laughing.

Yours Sincerely,

That was embarrassing.

ps. Please comment anything you would like me to talk about or any advice please comment on this website if you have a problem and I will make sure to get in touch with you if you do not want to share it publicly. Thank you


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