A little more to tell!

First of all I am so grateful for the comments so far. I have been asked to share with you some more stuff about me, so here goes…

I am English!

My favourite:

Drink:Pink grapefruit fizz
Song: (i mean does anyone really have a favourite song when there is so many good ones)
TV show:Dance Moms
Hobby:Kickboxing, Gymnastics, Dance, Singing, Drama, Blogging and lots more.

I think all of these are what makes me, me. If you are the same as me for any of these then do comment below!

You all know it wouldn’t be a LottieRose blog if I didn’t add an embarrassing story, so, this story is set in my year six classroom…

In year six we always had a tortoise called summer. Everyone would get to take her home and you would have her for the weekend. Before I start, no,I did not lose summer. Few! Every day someone would have to bathe her and this particular day was my turn. Unfortunately the day that I had to bathe her was also the day where you have to take her outside for fresh air…

So that day I bathed her and took her outside. I pug her on the floor and waited for her to walk around for a bit. So she took a few steps (1 hour later, baring in mind she is a tortoise) and then I turned around for about one second and she was gone. I didn’t know what to do! I searched and searched for her but she was nowhere to be seen! Suddenly the bell went so I rushed into class and waited to see what would happen. The teacher set us some work to do and i got on with it. As I was working the room started to become quieter and quieter, until it was silent.

Summer had crawled out of my pocket and onto the desk. She must have climbed into my pocket when I wasn’t looking! I lift up my head to get away and I find myself slamming back down to the table. By now everyone was laughing their heads off. Then I realised. Summer was sitting in font of me chomping on my hair! Great!

I hope you enjoyed that story and get to know me section. Stay tuned for my Christmas blog post!

Yours Sincerely
That was embarrassing!

p.s: please subscribe to my blog if you are reading this so i know to precede with my writing, thank you!


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