Homework. Is it just me or does it suck. We all have it, but if you don’t, then let me know and i’ll be there tomorrow. I mean I know it’s good to exercise your mind but………’s just……………so……………boring!

Wait. This is my first shall we say entry. Maybe I should say a bit about me. What about you? Do you want this to be about me, life, advice or anything else. Technically this is my blog but you can control it too. I would love to know what you want next and how you find it. I am Charlotte but you can call me Charl or Lottie.

So I could ramble on about why I am doing a blog but that wouldn’t be particularly interesting (if you want me too then let me know in the comments). So I am going to start off with a hopefully entertaining story, this took place in my year four classroom…

Our topic this term was ancient Egypt and we were making headdresses. However being as small as I am my headdress was too long. Miss told me to put it on her head and cut it too the right length. I cut it and my headdress was perfect.

Two minutes later Miss found a chunk of hair on the chair. Whoops!

Yours Sincerely

That was embarrassing!



2 thoughts on “Me?

  1. You could always post what you want, what’s bothering you. Even if no one is seeing what you’re writing. In my personal opinion, just writing it down helps a bit. But nothing would work if you are not true and honest to yourself 🙂
    I’d like to know a bit more about you! Favorite food, holiday, an embaressing story would be nice 😛 Just joking, I just want to get to know the basics I guess. 🙂

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