I will be doing some anonymous advice! If you have any problems don’t be afraid to ask because I will help to solve your situation without anyone knowing it’s you!

So this is an example of some hopefully good advice that I can help you with. Remember  don’t let a problem bother you, speak up and get the advice you need!

Recently I got an email off a lovely girl with an issue that was really bothering her. This girl has a beautiful voice but she is to scared to express it. There is a school talent show coming up and she is scared she will freeze from stage fright whilst performing. After experiencing stage fright myself I was really eager to share my personal tips and pointers to overcoming this obstacle.

Firstly, make sure you have support from others. Having family and friends around you can really boost your confidence and overall performance. Remember you are not just performing for them you are doing this for yourself. Secondly, this is a chance of a life time. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity! Thirdly, once you have done it once you will have the confidence to do it again, this means you can achieve great things. For my fourth tip you need to remember this will be a great thing to look back on. Your first performance, and it will be epic. For my fifth and final tip, remember you have a great voice so give the world the gift of it!

I hope my advice has helped you to put on a legendary performance.

Parents being parents, they will probably scream with support. Just like mine!

If you would like any help or advice then just comment your story or dm me on instagram at @lxts.rh_. I would be honoured to give you a hand!

Yours sincerely

That was ebarrassing


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